Dyffryn Springs Hire Charges 2017

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Hire of marquee fully lined, carpeted etc, licensed bar, wine and water glasses for tables, up to 100 chairs and 10 tables, all lighting and provision of electricity up to maximum 10kva for disco, band and caterers…………………..………………………………….£3300 inc VAT

Extra tables for ten people, up to a maximum of 200 guests…………………..£250 inc VAT

We ask for a £500 deposit to confirm your booking, a further £500 six months prior to your event, and the balance one month before the day. The initial £500 deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your booking. PAYMENT OF YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE TAKEN AS ACCEPTANCE OF OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Payments can be made by cash, BACS (56-00-41, 07458622), cheque or card, although credit card payments will incur an extra 3% charge. There is no extra charge for debit card payments. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Dyffryn Springs’ and posted to Dyffryn Springs, c/o 1 Worleton, Dyffryn, Cardiff, CF5 6SW. The marquee and Lodge are available for parties, conferences and other events as well as wedding receptions. Let us give you a quote for your event.

Wedding Ceremony Charges

  • Wedding/Civil Ceremony £500
  • Wedding/Civil Ceremony plus all day use of Lodge £750
  • Wedding/Civil Ceremony plus evening use of Lodge £600
  • All day use of Lodge £750 12.00-00.00h
  • Evening use of Lodge £500 19.00-00.00h

Prices include VAT but NOT fees payable to Registrar

It is the client’s responsibility to make all bookings and arrangements with the Registrar’s office

Licence Times

  • Day Licence Times Off-site time
  • Monday-Thursday 12:00-23:00 23:30
  • Friday 12:00-00:00 00:30
  • Saturday 12:00-00:30 01:00
  • Sunday 12:00-23:30 00:00

Bar Prices

We stock a wide range of good value drinks and will tailor a drinks’ package to suit your requirements. A full list of bar prices and a wine list are available on the website, but a few typical prices are;

  • House Wine (red, white, rose) £15.00 a bottle
  • Cava/Prosecco/Champagne £20-£40 a bottle
  • Draught beers and cider £3.80 a pint
  • Shorts £2.80 a single

House wines are available for you to taste at a discount of 50% of the list price. Please note these prices are a guide, and are subject to change.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your drink requirements. We will always strive to provide any particular drinks you would like, within certain limitations.

Other Services

We can arrange as much or as little of your wedding as you want. We can organise chair covers, flowers, caterers and photographers, although most of our clients enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose their own suppliers. Please let us know how we can help.

Clients are welcome to decorate the marquee as they wish, so long as the decorations are safe and cause no structural damage. You and your suppliers may access the marquee by arrangement a few days before your event to start setting up.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Confirmations

Bookings will be treated as provisional until a signed contract and deposit have been received. Until a deposit has been taken, we reserve the right to offer the date to other customers.

  1. Deposits

We ask for a £500 deposit to confirm your booking, a further £500 six months prior to your event, and the balance one month before the day.

  1. Cancellations

The initial £500 deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances should you cancel your booking. Further cancellation charges will be calculated as follows;

Cancellation Period Percentage of TOTAL cost

From 3 to 6 months prior to the event 25%

Between 1 and 3 Months prior to event 35%

Between 1 month and 15 Days prior to event 50%

14 to 7 Days prior to event 90%

Less than 7 Days prior to the event 100%

  1. Payment

Full payment must be made as invoiced at least one month prior to the event. Payments by credit card will incur a 2.5% surcharge. Cheque, Bankers Draft, Cash, Debit Card or BACS payment are all acceptable with no surcharge.

  1. Interest

Interest will be charged on all overdue invoices at the rate of 4% above Nat West Bank’s base rate at the time, and shall accrue from the time payment was due until the actual date of payment.

  1. Notes For Clients and Caterers

The stipulations laid out in the Notes for Clients and Caterers attached to this document form part of our Terms and Conditions, and by signing this document you agree to abide by them.

Dyffryn Springs Notes for Clients and Caterers


Access to the marquee You can start setting up in the marquee from the Wednesday before your event by prior agreement. The marquee will be open between 08.00h and 16.00h. If you want access at other times, please make arrangements with Mat Holloway on 07740 869620. If the security gates are closed when you arrive, call Mat to arrange for them to be opened. The gates will open automatically when you drive up to them on the way out. You can access the marquee from 08.00h on the day after your event.

Alcohol & drinks All alcohol MUST be purchased through Dyffryn Springs. You may supply your own sealed bottles of still and sparkling wine but corkage will be charged (currently £8 per bottle of still wine, £15 per bottle of sparkling wine). As Licensees we remain responsible for the quality and content of ALL alcoholic drinks served on site. Under no circumstances may guests bring alcohol to an event, and we ask that you ensure your guests are aware of this to avoid embarrassment on the night. We will confiscate all alcohol not purchased at the venue and may ask guests to leave if the problem persists. We reserve the right to terminate an event prematurely if clients and guests do not comply with this rule, and in extreme cases we WILL call the police to evict those who breach this Licence condition. We will also make a deduction from your deposit for all alcohol brought on to the site without prior arrangement. All other non-alcoholic drinks MUST be bought through Dyffryn Springs except under exceptional circumstances.

Bar A fully stocked pay bar, and all bar staff, is included in your hire price. We will always try and stock specific drinks you’d like such as bottled beers or ciders. We will not stock full size casks of real ales due to issues with waste and set-up, although we are happy to source smaller plastic kegs or pins. Please discuss your requirements with our staff.

Bay trees Any potted bay trees at the venue are included in the hire price.

Bunting Bunting can be attached to the steel cables running along each side wall and along the apex of the marquee and may be fixed at the four chandelier points only, spanning the marquee. Bunting can be attached all the way along the sidewalls. You’ll need about 11m of bunting to span the marquee, to allow for the height of the apex.

Cake knife & stand We do not supply a cake knife and stand.

Camping No camping is allowed at the venue.

Candles No candles or naked flames of any sort are permitted in the marquee, although you may use candles/tea lights on the tables outside. If floating candles are used on the lakes, there will be a charge of £50 to cover the collection and disposal of material from the lakes after the event.

Carpets The marquee is carpeted except for the first 4.8m which is the dance floor.

Caterers We have no tied caterers although we are happy to make recommendations. We strongly recommend that caterers contact us a week or two before your event to discuss their plans. We will only allow professional caterers carrying public liability insurance. If caterers are leaving before the end of a meal, you must make arrangements for any catering related waste to be collected and disposed of.

Your venue hire contract with Dyffryn Springs does NOT include staff to serve or clear tables. It is your responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place for the serving and clearing of all tables, and for the disposal of food-related waste after the event. This condition particularly applies to evening buffets when the caterer lays the food out but then leaves before the meal has finished. You MUST make arrangements to clear away any food from all dining and serving tables, and to dispose of any subsequent rubbish. If you require serving and clearing staff, we can provide them at the rate of £20 per member of staff per hour.

Catering tent Use of the catering tent is included in your hire price. It has tables, power and access to water, but no catering equipment such as fridges, cookers or microwaves. There is no dishwasher or other washing up facility. Caterers may bring equipment and supplies to the catering tent the day before your event. There is no power available in the catering tent until the day of the event. If you need power supplied before the day (for instance, to run a chiller cabinet) a charge of £5 will be made. We cannot store food in the drinks chiller lorry, or in the kitchen at the Lodge.

Chairs Chairs are included in your hire price. We do not provide chair covers, although these can be sourced from a number of suppliers. We can do this for you, but will charge you 10% of the total value of the order.

Children It is your responsibility to supervise children, especially around the lakes.

Chinese Lanterns You may not release Chinese Lanterns at the venue due to the proximity of crops and livestock.

Civil Ceremony You may hold the Civil Ceremony in the Lodge at Dyffryn Springs. Civil Ceremonies will incur an extra charge; check with us for the current rates. Please remember that during the ceremony the couple and the Registrar MUST be under the cover of a permanent stucture, although observers may be outside. It is your responsibility to arrange the booking of the Registrar and pay their fees.

Coaches Coaches can access the venue. Double-decker buses will have difficulty getting down the lanes en route to the venue. Horses and carriages and vintage vehicles are also able to access the venue.

Coat racks We do not supply coat racks, so you’ll need to bring them if you think they could be useful on the day.

Confetti Please only use biodegradable confetti at the venue.

Credit and debit cards We accept cards at the bar subject to a charge of 3%.

Crockery and cutlery We do not provide crockery or cutlery although this can be sourced through your caterer or from a number of local suppliers. We can do this for you, but will charge 10% of the total value of the order.

Damage Clients are responsible for the cost of any damage caused by the client, their guests, agents or their employees. Examples of charges for damage etc include the following;

  1. Disposal of catering waste £5 a bag
  2. Damage to chairs, tables, and other equipment at cost
  3. Cleaning up of vomit in the marquee or Lodge £25
  4. Alcohol brought on site without prior arrangement by any guests will be charged at 300% of the retail cost from our supplier.
  5. Excessive carpet cleaning of for example food items at cost based on labour charge of £20 an hour.

Decorations You are free to decorate the marquee how you like so long as all decorations are SAFE AND CAUSE NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to the marquee. Do not pin items to the drapes; please use mini bulldog clips.

Dimensions The marquee measures 10 x 30m. The catering marquee measures approximately 5 x 5m. The dance floor area (uncarpeted) measures 4.8 x 10m.

Disabled access The marquee is accessible to wheelchair users and there is a dedicated disabled toilet in the Ladies loo. Please discuss any other access issues with us and we will always do our best to help.

Dogs Dogs are not allowed at events at Dyffryn Springs.

Electricity Your venue hire price includes electricity but power consumption must not exceed 10kVa in total. Please ensure your band, DJ and caterer are aware of this rule. Please ask your caterer to use gas fuelled appliances and minimise the use of high power electrical equipment.

Fees Please see the latest version of our Terms and Conditions for current prices and deposit requirements.

Fireworks No fireworks or Chinese Lanterns are allowed at Dyffryn Springs due to the proximity of growing crops and livestock.

First Aid There is a First Aid kit on site. Please contact a member of staff.

Garden games You are welcome to hire games for your guests to use but they must be removed by 17.00h on the Monday following your event. If they are not removed by then, we reserve the right to dispose of them ourselves.

Glasses All glasses hire for the whole event is included in your hire price. We provide wine, water, champagne flutes, short and shot glasses and jugs of water on tables.

Heating A gas heater is included in your hire price.

Highchairs We have four highchairs available at no extra charge.

Insurance We strongly recommend that you take out wedding insurance for your event.

Lakes All lakes on site are deep. It is your responsibility to supervise any children at your event. No boats are allowed on the lakes, and no swimming is allowed.

Licensing hours The bar must close by 00.30 on Saturday, 00.00 on Friday, 23.30 on Sunday and 23.00 Monday to Thursday. All guests must be off-site by 01.00 on Saturday, 00.30 on Friday, 00.00 on Sunday and 23.30 Monday to Friday.

Lighting We include four chandeliers with dimmer switches and a number of coloured up-lighters. The fairy lights on the bay trees and around the decking are also included. The star cloth over the dance floor is included. You may bring extra lighting if required but please be aware of the total power drain of all your equipment.

Lodge Unless you have paid for its use, the Lodge will NOT be available during your event. Unless booked, the Lodge will be kept locked throughout the evening.

Music Bands and DJs are welcome, but sound levels must be kept to reasonable levels, and we may ask you to reduce the level on the night. Failure to comply with such a request may lead to the power to the band being disconnected. Live music ends no later than midnight or half an hour before the off-site time. Bands or DJs may leave their equipment at the venue overnight but we take no responsibility whatsoever for equipment or instruments left on site. Amplified music is only allowed inside the marquee or Lodge.

Numbers The maximum capacity of the venue is 200 people.

Parking Cars may be left on site overnight but entirely at the owners’ risk. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to cars parked at the venue during or after an event.

Photographs We would like to be able to display photos of your event on our website. We will assume that by accepting these Terms and Conditions you are happy for us to do so, but PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD RATHER WE DID NOT USE PHOTOS OF YOUR EVENT.

Power sockets There are power sockets located around the marquee near the corners and along the side walls. Check with staff for their location.

Sofas We have two cream leather sofas available at no extra charge.

Smoking No smoking is allowed inside the marquee or any other building at the venue.

Stepladders We do have a step ladder available, but its use is entirely at your own risk and you must always have a second person stabilising the ladder whilst someone is using it.

Tables All tables are included in your hire price. We have approximately 10 round tables (5”), 20 round tables (5’ 6” diameter) and 20 trestle tables (6’ x 2’ 6”) which you can use as you wish. We also have a few smaller tables for cakes, presents, sweets etc.  We have an easel available at no extra charge for table plans.

Table linen We do not provide table linen although this can be sourced through your caterer or from a number of local suppliers. We can do this for you, but will charge 10% of the total value of the order.

Tea urns We do not supply a tea urn or cups and saucers etc.

Tidying up We ask that all your property is removed from the marquee by 17.00h on the Monday following your event. We reserve the right to dispose of anything still left at the premises after that time.

Toilets Toilets are included in your hire price and will be kept stocked with toilet paper and paper towels throughout your event. Soap will be provided. You are welcome to provide any other toiletries for your guests.

Umbrellas We do not provide umbrellas for your event so if you think they may be useful you’ll need to supply them yourself.

Vehicles on grass In dry conditions, we may allow vehicles (wedding cars, burger vans, ice cream vans etc) to drive on to the grass at the lakeside, but we will not allow this in wet conditions to avoid damage to the lawned areas.

Waiting staff Although we provide bar staff and staff to collect glasses, we do not provide staff to serve food or clear tables. We can arrange for extra staff to be available, but there will be a charge for this service.

Waste disposal Clients are expected to arrange for the collection and disposal of any material they bring to the marquee such as decorations, favours, gifts etc. Clients must ensure that their caterers take away ALL food waste and any other catering waste. Anything left behind by 17.00h on the Monday following your event will be disposed of, and we will make a charge for the disposal.

We will always do our very best to make your event run as smoothly as possible in exactly the way you want it to. Talk to us! We will always try and accommodate your requests.